Reese Williams
2023 OF


Name: Reese Williams
Birthdate: 09/08/05
Uniform Number: 09
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 105
Throws From: left
Bats From: left
Primary Position: OF
Home City & State: Poway, California
Phone: (858) 922-6681


Name: Teri Williams
Phone: (858) 922-3881


Name: Andy Williams
Phone: (858) 922-3882

High School

Graduation Year: 2023
GPA: 4.0
Anticipated College Major: Forensic Science
High School: Westview High school

Highlights & Achievements

Honor student, gpa 4.0

High School Sports

Freshman Year- starting right fielder for Westview Varsity softball, JV cheer


Volunteer work at The Remington Senior Center, Poway. Volunteer at private horse ranch. Art class at Drawn2Art. Surfing, fishing, biking.

Travel Team Experience

The Factory: 2016-2017
SoCal Breakers-2017-2020
Powersurge- 2020-2021

Private Coaches

Scott Cranford

Stats, Highlights & Videos

Batting Average 2020: .452
Batting Average 2021: .667
OBP: .667

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