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This class is designed for increasing pitching velocity. It is not designed to replace a pitching coach. TLT will use fundamental innovative techniques to improve the major metric in pitching analytics = velocity. In today's recruiting world velocity is the key indicator for college recruiting the higher velocity the more recruitable you are.

Classes will start in February.

Keys to the class:

  • *Overload & underload training
  • *Improve leg drive
  • *Build rotational power
  • *Build core strength
  • *Build forearm and grip strength
  • *Increase pitching max velocity

Class Length: 6 weeks (30-45 minute classes)
Class size is very small (2-4 players max.)

$179.00 for non-members

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Our Power Pitching class is designed to do one thing: Increase YOUR Velocity.

This is achieved through the use of: arm-strengthening drills, leg-strengthening drills, weighted-balls, light-balls, bands & other training aides. The results: a stronger pitcher, who throws the ball harder.

How does the class work?

Week 1 - We record your fastball using our Rapsodo - Pitching analytics tool. During the Rapsodo session, we're measuring your average velocity and your maximum velocity. We'll save these metrics and use them for comparison later. (week 1 of the class is just a Rapsodo session, there's no pitch training.)
Week 2 - 7 - Training Classes. 30-45 minutes in length
Week 8 - We record your fastball using Rapsodo. We're measuring your average and maximum values for the session. We'll use these values along with your starting values to measure your progress. (week 8 of the class is just a Rapsodo session, there's no pitch training.)

After the 6-week class is over, we'll send you a report that shows your pitching-velocity progress along with access to your online Rapsodo profile.


It's very important that my pitchers are bringing the heat. My lefty was struggling to get to 50mph at the beginning of January and after your Pitch Speed class she is now hitting consistently between 53-55. Wow!

Scott B.

April 2, 2023

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