The Facility

The facility was designed by very experienced softball coaches with one thing in mind: making the space as practical and customizable as possible. Our location can be configured to support any configuration: Pitching. Hitting. Catching. Defense. A mix of Hitting/Pitching/Defense/Stretching/Open-spaced Workouts.

Team Training

Access to the facility includes:

  • Private access to the entire facility - 3,400 sq ft
  • HitTrax™ & Rapsodo™ available for an extra fee
  • Agility training stations, include vertical & broad jump
  • 3 pitching machines available (Jugs, Life Flight, Hack Attack Jr.)
  • Configurable facility space. 3 Individually Collapsable lanes or wide-open space (or any c ombination thereof).
  • Pitching screens
  • Softballs, dimple balls, foam balls (good for individial soft-toss)
  • Batting Tees
  • Bands, RMT™ Clubs
  • An outside practice area is available (during evening hours and weekends)
  • Plus lots more...

Lane #1

Full length cage, 55' x 15'

Lane #2

Full length cage 55x15'

Lane #3

Small cage 30x12'

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