Home Run Derby Fundraising

We know that it can be hard to come up with new fundraising ideas and we think we've got a home run of an idea for your organization or team (no pun intended).
Is your organization, league or team looking for a unique, fun way to raise money for upcoming expenses? Need funding for new equipment, tournament entry fees or travel expenses? The Line Training (TLT) has a fundraising opportunity that your organization will love and its easy! Come hit home runs and raise money.

It's as easy as 1-2-3, but how does it work?

  • 1) TLT will provide your organization a unique link that your parents send to friends, family, whomever and ask to sponsor their player to hit home runs.
    for example: I would like to sponsor Sally and will pay her $5.00 for each home run she hits.
  • 2) Host your Home Run Derby contest at our Line Training facility
  • 3) Once the Derby finishes, your sponsors will be sent an email with a link to pay for the home runs that they sponsored.
It's just that simple!

We Use HitTrax
We use HitTrax to run the Home Run Derby. HitTrax is THE premiere hitting analysis machine on the market today. It captures exit velocity, launch angle, direction, distance, plus a ton more information. It uses that information to project a player's hit (yes a real hit) against the stadium of their choice.
Players will take an agreed-upon number of swings. We recommend, 2 rounds of 10 hits each.

This Event is Amazingly Fun

Make this event a half-day of fun for your whole organization or team. By booking this event with us, you have complete access to our facility including our outside-area where you can setup canopies, enjoy food, music, home run-derby smack-talking. It's a new and exciting way to offer a great team-bonding experience.

The Leaderboard

The Line Training offers a real-time leaderboard and is updated after each batter hits. This makes talking-smack really easy to do. But be careful, you could fall from the leaderboard just as easily as you rose up the leaderboard.

Questions ?

I’m not sure my player will be able to hit a home run?
HitTrax offers a boost-mode feature that can help younger players hit the ball further. We apply the boost-mode according to their age so that everyone can hit home runs equally.

Can Parents Participate in the Home Run Derby
Absolutely! Parents can sign up to hit home runs. Instead of having sponsors for the parents, they simply pay a flat-donation amount to enter the contest. And don't worry, they have a separate leaderboard from the kids.

Can sponsors just make a simple donation?
Yes, sponsors can make a dontation without sponsoring a player or dealing with the actual home run derby contest. If you're sponsoring a slugger and are worried about how many home runs they'll hit you can set a maximum amount you're willing to donate and we'll honor that.

How do Sponsors Pay
At the end of the contest each sponsor is automatically sent an email with a unique link where they'll see their sponsored player's results and the dollar amount they agreed to donate. Payments are all processed securly through The Line Training's payment processing site.

How do I Manage the Fundraiser
There's a complete, yet simple-to-use fundraiser management site for the fundraiser organizer to use. They'll see participation information, sponsors, reports, totals, etc. Everything needed to manage the fundsaiser successfully and efficiently. Once the link has been shared with parents, there is literally zero management of this process for the organizer.

Is There a Fee?
Yes, The Line Training will take an agreed-upon percentage of the sponsored total dollars.

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