The Line Training's core business is data analytics. Using HitTrax and Rapsodo helps our athletes identify and correct their weaknesses.



We use advanced analytical tools to test players and find areas that need improvement.


We create actionalable plans for player improvement.


We re-analyze to ensure corrections are being made and the player is moving in the right direction. We repeat the cycle until the player has perfected it.

State-of-the-Art Analytical Tools

Pitching Analytics: Rapsodo™

Rapsodo is the Pitching analysis tool-of-choice for TLT. This tool allows us to measure a pitcher's: velocity, horizontal & vertical break, true spin, spin effeciency, spin direction (plus lots more.) This information helps us identifiy the pitcher's strengths and areas that need improving.

We work with many of the pitching coaches in our area so that they may tailor the pitching lesson based on the Rapsodo results.

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Hitting Analytics: HitTrax™


HitTrax is the Hitting analysis tool-of-choice for TLT. HitTrax is the leading analytical tool for softball and baseball and provides a wealth of information about the hitter's swing.

Just some of the metrics we utilize are: exit velocity, launch angle, distance, point of impact and probably one of the least talked about metrics, strike zone analysis.

There are so many buzz words today, "exit velo", "launch angle", "bat speed" that it's easy to get confused and lose focus of what's really important and that's hitting the ball! We work with the player (and parent) to understand these metrics so they can work with their hitting coach to improve any areas identified.

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Catching Analytics: HitTrax™

HitTrax is the Catching analysis tool-of-choice for TLT. This tool measures a catcher's: pop time, transition time, overhand throwing velocity, accuracy (plus lots more.)

The catching position is often under-analyzed with just an emphasis on "Pop-time". There is so much more to a catcher than just Pop-time and HitTrax helps us see the other dimensions of a catcher.

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Meet our Recruited Players

The Line Training is proud to showcase the college-recruited athletes that workout out @ TLT
College Recruit: Sophia Burmeister
College Recruit: Mya McGowan
College Recruit: Hana Winton
College Recruit: Candace Tarle
College Recruit: Jenna Stevens
College Recruit: Nataly Lozano
College Recruit: Callie Christian
College Recruit: Susanna Pate
College Recruit: Sofia Mujica
College Recruit: Kam Caldwell
College Recruit: Katie Dunakin
College Recruit: Ta'tiannah Wright
College Recruit: Lilly Banse
College Recruit: Elle Leckrone
College Recruit: Sara Cornell
College Recruit: Camille Enriquez
College Recruit: Abby Steffan
College Recruit: Alyssa Onyeagwa
College Recruit: Angel Riggins
College Recruit: Brooklyn Umali
College Recruit: Emma Urban
College Recruit: Genevieve Lyon
College Recruit: Taylinn Warren
College Recruit: Kenzie Nakasawa
College Recruit: Aiyana Curry
College Recruit: Allison Moody
College Recruit: Claire Sefkow
College Recruit: Kira Monji
College Recruit: Kaiah Altmeyer
College Recruit: Sophia Ramuno
College Recruit: Elysa Moreno
College Recruit: Giselle Bentley
College Recruit: Sofia Carroll
College Recruit: Maya Loper
College Recruit: Sarah Loper
College Recruit: Brianna Garcia
College Recruit: Nicole Moore
College Recruit: Mia Franco
College Recruit: Alex Schneider
College Recruit: Jaden Adams
College Recruit: Ariya Deans
College Recruit: Macy Mohrlock
College Recruit: Sophia Marrero
College Recruit: Raina Olivas
College Recruit: Ashley Legler
College Recruit: Jackey Farias
College Recruit: Kate Wiggins
College Recruit: Riley Torgeson
College Recruit: Emily Bertrand
College Recruit: Bella Bordine
College Recruit: Audrey Kull
College Recruit: Katie Walling
College Recruit: Taylor Ang

TLT has created a successful formula for players that are seeking to play softball at a higher level. Using our advanced training platform, state-of-the-art analytical equipment and premier college recruiting services, we help create a tailored game plan for players so they may achieve their softball goals. We are very seasoned in the recruitment process and can help families navigate the crazy world of softball recruiting.

We know College Recruiting

We have created relationships with colleges all acrsoss the country, from D1 to NAIA to Junior Colleges. Our college network grows every month as we connect athletes with schools and schools with athletes.

We have a profile system that's unmatched in today's softball community.

Coaches: Want to have more effective profiles for your players? We build the player's profile around their analytics so college coaches can have the most important player-information presented to them first.

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Team Training

Training Facility

TLT is a great place to have your team workout. We have two and half cages that are collapsable which opens up to a full workout space.

We offer monthly training packages for teams: 90-minutes, once per week, gets you access to our facility, access to all equipment and discounts on our classes.

Why not Focus your team's hitting practice at a hitting-facility

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TLT Training Facility

What else do we do?

The Line Training is a lot more than just a training facility that focuses on elevating athletes to their desired level. We also run incredible events, host fundraisers and offer speciailized training classes.


We offer the most exciting fundraiser ever, Homerun Derby!

Want to raise thousands of dollars for your team or organization?

Real-time scoring on one of our large-screen TVs

Kids & Parents can participate

Full access to the facility

Absolutely zero administration

3-hour window

Full access to the parking area where food, canopies can be setup

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Training Classes

We are constantly adding new classes that meet our athlete's needs.

Agility Training

Bat Speed Elite

Power Pitching

Overhand Throwing


We work with many colleges in the SoCal area as well as olympic athletes in offering first-class events. From college recruitment camps, to skills-based camps, to specialized hitting instruction, all of our events are run by the best in the business.

98% avg. rating

We are very proud of our average feedback rating from every event that we've run. We don't offer a lot of events, but when we do they are of the highest quality. Something we take very seriously at The Line Training.

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