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Saturday November 19, 2022
12:00 PM

Welcome to the first ever UC Del Sol Home Run Derby Fundraiser!

Saturday November 19, 2022

12:00 PM

James Gable

Thank you Friends and Families
UC Del Sol is proud to host a Home Run Derby fundraiser! Do you want to try out your home run swing and challenge your fellow players, parents or coaches? This is the time to do it! All while fundraising for the league!

How Does it Work?
The Home Run Derby will be run at the Line Training's facilities using HitTrax. HitTrax is a computer simulation program that tracks ball speed and trajectory to calculate the balls total distance traveled. Players and participants will get 20 swings in the cage to try and hit as many home runs as they can. For the younger players we'll offer a little "boost" assistance for them to add to their home run counts so they can compete with the older girls.

Who Can Play?
League players, Parents, coaches or even friends and family. Those that signup and reach the fundraising goal (minimum $25) can grab their bats and compete. Y

Sponsorship by Home Run
For each home run the player you're sponsoring hits you would make a donation.
For example, if you commit to donating $5.00 per home run and the player you're sponsoring hits 5 home runs then you would donate $25.00.
If you're sponsoring a slugger and are worried about how many home runs they'll hit you can set a maximum amount you're willing to donate and we'll honor that. Once the home run derby completes and we've compiled the home runs and we'll send you an email with a link to where you can make your donation.

League registered players are already signed up for the event and need to get sponsors to meet the $25 minimum. Participants will need to enter with a $25 entry fee by using the "Sign Me Up" Link below. After signing up they can then get sponsors to sponsor them for each home run or a flat donation. Names of participants will automatically show up in the "Sponsor A Player" link below after they sign-up so they can then fundraise as well. Its easy right?

One-Time Donation

Make a donation without worrying about the details of the derby.

Make the donation in the name of a player

Donate to the organization

Thank you for supporting our UC Del Sol Organization

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