Rapsodo Hitting

What is Rapsodo? Rapsodo is a leading softball-training measurement tool used by many colleges and professional sports organizations today.

What does the Rapsodo hitting machine do? Rapsodo machines give the hitter instant feedback to help analyze, correct and perfect!

Rapsodo Hitting uses camera and radar technology that measures and analyzes all possible data points of a batted ball in flight , giving you the ability to perfect your swing rep by rep. You can view all your swing metrics including exit velocity, launch angle, hit direction and more. Make adjustments to your swing rep after rep, or view historical data.

All your sessions can be stored and emailed to you to keep track of progress. You’re hitting coaches will love this data to help educate them and you to help dial in your training.

Design your optimal swing in a single session with video playback for hitting mechanics insight and instant data feedback. Created with both coaches and players in mind, the in-app player profiles allow for ongoing monitoring even away from the practice facility.

Get your RapScore!

What is a RapScore? RapScore is a proprietary technology that was created as the standard scale for player development and recruiting. It is a baseball and softball scouting tool built to rank any baseball or softball player in the world. It is the new standard in player evaluation and development. It is used by every MLB team currently and most top NCAA softball Universities.

RapScore was developed as the first standardized score for baseball and softball scouting and recruiting. Utilizing a 20-80 scale, RapScore provides a quantifiable way to compare athletes of all ages from sessions using the Rapsodo machines. RapScores help baseball and softball scouts identify player talent without physically seeing a player perform. Scouts and players alike can view top scores on the Rapsodo National Player Database and see where players rank amongst their peers and track their progress over time.

A RapScore requires players to complete a standardized and scripted bullpen or batting session at a Rapsodo certified facility. Good news The Line Training is a certified Rapsodo facility. Sign up today to get your RapScore!

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