Kyra Olsen
2024 P, 1B, OF


Name: Kyra Olsen
Birthdate: 4/13/2006
Uniform Number: 27
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135
Throws From: R
Bats From: R
Primary Position: P
Secondary Positions: 1B,OF
Home City & State: San Diego, CA
Phone: (858) 753-3678


Name: Thomas Olsen
Phone: (858) 449-0376

High School

Graduation Year: 2024
GPA: 3.75
Anticipated College Major: Education
High School: Westview High School
HS Address / City / State: San Diego, CA

Highlights & Achievements

2023 Westview Ambassador
2020-23 Westview High School Scholar Athlete Award
2022-23: Treasurer/Secretary for Fellowship of Christian Athletes
2021: Volunteer Counselor, Helen Woodward Animal Center
2021: Volunteer Counselor, Penasquitos Lutheran Church, Vacation Bible School
2020: Volunteer Counselor, Penasquitos Lutheran Church, Vacation Bible School

High School Sports

2023: Junior, Varsity Softball (starting P)
2022: Sophomore, Varsity Softball (starting 1B)
2021: Freshman, Varsity Softball (starting P)
2021: Freshman, Soccer (cancelled by Covid-19)


In my free time, I like to ski, surf and play soccer. I was a junior umpire until Covid hit. I have a lot of school spirit and love to get painted up and cheer on my friends from the student section at football and basketball games.

Travel Team Experience

2023: Power Surge 16U Walling/Wilson
2022: Power Surge 16U Walling/Giron
2021: Ohana Tigers 16U Indian
2021: California Cruisers 14U McDonell/Turi
2021: The Factory 14U Vargas
2020: The Factory 14U Wilson
2019: Firecrackers 12U Brashear/Hicks

Private Coaches

Pitching Coach: Monica Fenton 760-443-8571 (since 2016)
Strength & Conditioning: Dana Sorenson

Athletic References

Athletic References: Robert Howe (Varsity High School Coach) 858-926-9415
Steve Walling (Power Surge organization)
Scott Giron (16U Power Surge Manager)
Jeremy Vargas (14U Factory Manager)
Steve Wilson (14U Factory Manager)

Stats, Highlights & Videos

Max Preps Profile
Instagram - Kyra.olsen2024


Aug, 2022 - Power Surge Camp (Iowa St., Syracuse, SDSU, UC Riverside, Cal St. Fullerton)
June, 2022 - Sparkler Camp (Nebraska-Omaha, Northern, Black Hills)
Jan, 2022 - Seattle University Pitching Camp
Jan, 2022 - University of Oregon Pitching Camp
Nov, 2021 - USA Preps
June, 2021 - Zoom into June (played up on 16U team)
Jan, 2021- UCLA Softball Camp
Aug, 2019 - Stanford University Softball Camp
Jan, 2019 - University of Arizona Softball Camp

  • Summary

  • Hitting


Exit Velocity

Best: 61.5 MPH Avg: 53.7 MPH


Exit VelocityAvg.
53.7 MPH
61.5 MPH

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