Kayala Hopkins
2026 2B, C


Name: Kayala Hopkins
Birthdate: 08/10/2008
Uniform Number: 18
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130
Throws From: R
Bats From: R
Primary Position: 2B
Secondary Positions: C
Home City & State: san diego
Phone: (619) 384-3299
Email: kkocean2@icloud.com


Name: Cristin Hopkins
Phone: (619) 992-9701
Email: Cristin@platinumeventrentals.com


Name: Jake Hopkins
Phone: (858) 254-0656
Email: jake@platinumeventrentals.com

High School

Graduation Year: 2026
GPA: 4.4
Anticipated College Major: Aerospace Engineer/physics
High School: Steele Canyon
HS Address / City / State: 12440 Campo Rd, spring valley CA

Highlights & Achievements

4.2 GPA first semester, 4.6 GPA second semester, with honors.
Wrestled Varsity as a Freshman and went to CIF with the most Pins. Was awarded most takedowns, and most pins, and made second team all league.
Played Volleyball on the Freshman team- as the starting Libero and team captain.
Made Varsity softball as a Freshman and was awarded "Jill of all trades" for her multiple position playing. While on Varsity she was the starting Left fielder, but also played Catcher, and Second Base, and batted in the sixth position.
Awarded Honorary Scholar of the year award in middle school.

High School Sports


Awards & Articles

Wrestling awards-
Most Pins
Most takedowns
2nd team all league

Softball Awards- "Jill of all trades"

Travel Team Experience

has Played Travel Ball since 11 years old
Power Surge Mack-1years
Fury-2 years
Power surge Worley-1 years

Private Coaches

DropBombs hitting

Athletic References

Athletic References: Trevor Keiffer
Dan Worley
Kevin Pearlstein


Zoom into June
Sparkler Colorado
PGF Nationals
On Deck camp
  • Summary

  • Hitting

  • Catching

  • Agility

  • Strength


Bat Speed

Best: 71.1 MPH Avg: 68.5 MPH

Pop Time

Best: 2.00 Sec. Avg: 2.09 Sec.

Exit Velocity

Best: 65.0 MPH Avg: 56.7 MPH

Exchange Time

Best: 0.68 Sec. Avg: 0.72 Sec.

Throwing Velocity

Best: 54.9 MPH Avg: 52.2 MPH

Launch Angle

15.2 Deg.

Overhand Throw

57.5 MPH

Vertical Jump

16 IN

Broad Jump

74 IN

Grip Strength

78 / 80.4 (left / right)


Bat SpeedAvg.
68.5 MPH
71.1 MPH
Exit VelocityAvg.
56.7 MPH
65.0 MPH
Launch Angle 15.2 Deg.  


Pop TimeAvg.
2.09 Sec.
2.00 Sec.
Exchange TimeAvg.
0.72 Sec.
0.68 Sec.
Throwing VelocityAvg.
52.2 MPH
54.9 MPH


Vertical Jump 16 IN  
Broad Jump 74 IN  


Overhand Throw 57.5 MPH  
Grip Strength 78 / 80.4 (left / right)

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