Kaitlyn Moody
2025 C, SS
Kaitlyn has committed to play softball at Colorado State


Name: Kaitlyn Moody
Birthdate: 10/05/2007
Uniform Number: 2
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140
Throws From: R
Bats From: R
Slap Hitter: Yes
Primary Position: C
Secondary Positions: SS
Home City & State: Ramona, California
Phone: (760) 315-3544
Email: 00.kailynmoody@gmail.com


Name: Jeff Moody
Phone: (760) 208-0598
Email: jeff.moody@valleycm.com


Name: Diann Moody
Phone: (619) 840-2258
Email: mecivl@cox.net

College Information

College Committment: Colorado State

High School

Graduation Year: 2025
GPA: 3.8
Anticipated College Major: Sports Trainer
High School: Christian High School
HS Address / City / State: El Cajon California

Highlights & Achievements

Principles Honor Roll Freshman & Sophomore Year

High School Sports

Varsity Softball
JV Volleyball
Varsity Trap Shooting Team
Varsity Marching Band
Varsity Performance Band

Awards & Articles

CIF 1st All League Team (Freshman and Sophomore Years)
Team MVP
Most Team Home Runs (Sophomore Year)

YouTube Channel

Travel Team Experience

So Cal Athletics 10U, 12U
Athletics Mercado 14U
Power Surge 16u

Private Coaches

Mike Simone, Batting Coach 619-312-5370

Stats, Highlights & Videos

Softball Highlights: High School Starting Varsity Catcher Freshmen and Sophomore years.
CIF League Second Team Freshman Year
CIF League First Team Sophomore year
All East County Second Team Freshman Year
All East County First Team Sophomore Year
Runner Up CIF Championships Sophomore Year

Game Highlights

Highest recorded pop time @ catcher is 1.75
  • Summary

  • Hitting

  • Strength


Bat Speed

Best: 70.9 MPH Avg: 70.2 MPH

Exit Velocity

Best: 65.5 MPH Avg: 59.8 MPH

Launch Angle

12.4 Deg.

Grip Strength

63 / 65 (left / right)


Bat SpeedAvg.
70.2 MPH
70.9 MPH
Exit VelocityAvg.
59.8 MPH
65.5 MPH
Launch Angle 12.4 Deg.  


Grip Strength 63 / 65 (left / right)

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